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The ZetaView® is a Nano Particle Analyzer (NTA technology) for measuring the size and concentration in scatter and fluorescence (depending on the version), and optionally the surface electric charge (Zeta Potential), of particles in suspension.

Key features

  • Short video acquisition sequences
  • Quick and easy cleaning between each sample, enabling dozens of samples to be measured in a single day
  • Compact
  • Self-alignment of laser/camera pair and autofocus avoids calibration on start-up
  • No captive consumables
  • Live visualization of particles and their distribution

Application fields for biological particles

  • Extracellular vesicles
  • Exosomes
  • Liposomes
  • Virus
  • Protein agglomerates

In other words, a wide variety of biological nanoparticles that can be measured in a size range from around 40 nm (depending on sample and particle type and instrument configuration) to 1000 nm, and in concentrations of 106 to 109 particles per ml.

The new x30 generation of ZetaView® features a new fixed cell for even faster cleaning, a motorized filter wheel for up to 10 fluorescence channels… and above all…

Its new Collocation module

This is a unique feature of NTA technology, enabling the co-expression of markers at the nanoparticle level to be determined using pairs of lasers or fluorescence channels.

Several versions available

Different combinations allow you to find the right device for your needs

ZetaView® MONO

ZetaView® TWIN

ZetaView® QUATT



Zeta potential





Option 1 long-pass filters

2 long-pass filters

4 long-pass filters


Your choice :

405 nm

488 nm

520 nm

640 nm

Your choice :

405 & 520 nm

405 & 640 nm

488 & 640 nm

520 & 640 nm

Association des 4 lasers :

405 nm, 488 nm, 520 nm and 640 nm





Fluorescence filters

Up to 10 filters

Up to 10 filters

Up to 10 filters

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