Turbo Labeling™ Kit - Cy3

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Turbo Labelling Kits

Turbo Labeling™ Kit - Cy3

Réf. : KIT0609

The Arcturus® Turbo Labeling™ Kits offer a proprietary, non-enzymatic technology optimized for the labeling of unmodified, amplified RNA (aRNA) for gene expression profiling. The unmodified aRNA is labeled post-amplification, thereby avoiding the need to incorporate modified nucleotides during RNA amplification. The use of unmodified nucleotides in the amplification process results in unmodified aRNA with higher yields and longer aRNA fragments, thus providing better representation of the mRNA transcript for downstream analysis (Figures 1 and 2).

Key product features:
• Simple – platform-independent aRNA labeling protocol typically takes less than 30 minutes
• Efficient – unlabeled aRNA can be preserved for downstream validation
• Effective – use of unmodified nucleotides permits exceptional representation of mRNA transcripts
Arcturus® Turbo Labeling™ Kits include reagents to support labeling of 12 samples with either Cy3*⁄Cy5 dyes (Figure 3) or with biotin for hybridization to cDNA or oligonucleotide arrays (Figure 4).

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.