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Systems and FISH probes


Description of Genikon® device

Genikon® is a solution dedicated to Cytogenetics with an user-friendly and easy to use interface. It is composed of powerful tools offering highly flexibility for daily work routines. Genikon® is a scalable modular station from a stand-alone capture station pour Karyotyping and FISH to a fully motorized station for metaphase finder and spot counting. All users from a same network may analyze cases from any station without having a look through a microscope.

The work station could be configured to meet various needs while respecting your budget by using the different software modules available. Patient data, images and others files are easily managed with Genikon®.

A customizable database with searchable fields allows for quick navigation and data recovery. Genikon® is compatible with external patient management systems with automatic data import and export (contact us for details and specifications!). Flexible report templates make it easy to create customizable layout templates. These templates defined by the operator could include images, text and patient data fields. A wide library of karyograms and ideograms formats is available for human and other species (animals, plants).

The automatic adjustment of the image in real time followed by a powerful post-processing algorithm generates high quality images with perfectly marked chromosomes, even from low quality raw images. Genikon® is the ideal solution for every cytogenetics labs.