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Systems and FISH probes


EasyFish® completes the global Excilone solution for Fish already composed of Cytotest® probes, the CytoHyb500 denaturation-hybridization system and PathScan® scanners.


Efficiency, Convenient, Easy to use and Safe for users

EasyFish®  is a device that allows fully automation of the pretreatment process of Fish slides (tissue sections) with :


Efficiency and convenient

 Total automation of the process (dewaxing, rehydration, permeabilization, enzymatic digestion, dehydration) with washing steps

 Enzyme preparation (automatic dilution from the concentrated solution)

 Process automatically heated sample slides

 Standardization of protocols

 Suitable for all probes, regardless of the supplier


Easy to use

  Ready-to-use reagents (except the enzyme)

Ready to use enzyme dilution buffer for automatic preparation

 Management of 1 to 20 slides per series, with adaptation of the volume of reagents used

 Management of several digestion times in the same series by semi-auto mode

 Default programs prerecorded

 Customizable programs

• Software interface in English with touch screen control

 Monitoring of the progress of the technique with indication of the time remaining from the current stage and the total time


Safety and protection of users

 Reduced handling of reagents by using ready-to-use solutions

 Use of substitutes for the dewaxing step

 "Autoboot" of the ignition device with check of the good operating condition

• Self-cleaning of all the pipes at ignition and at the end of the process

 Control of the volumes of reagents withdrawn and distributed in the reaction chamber with alarm in case of lack of volume

 Waste volume control with filling alarm

 Contrôle de présence des bidons de déchets, alcool et eau distillée avec alarme


Device parameters

Automate to be placed on the ground with adjustable feet and castors.

• Dimensions : 700 x 500 x 1000 mm (W x D x H)

Weight : 50 kg

• Voltage : 220-240 V

• Power : 1500 W


Reagents not supplied 

• Distilled water (800 to 1000 ml for cycle of 20 slides)

• Absolute alcohol (300 to 500 ml per cycle of 20 slides)