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  Cytotest FISH probes

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Systems and FISH probes

Cytotest FISH probes

Cytotest FISH probes


Cytotest is currently specialized in the design and production of DNA fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) probes. FISH is a powerful technique designed to detect presence or absence, location, integrity and amount of genomic sequences in tissue samples or cells. Introduced in the early 1980s as a cytogenetic research tool, it is now the most important technique for the clinical diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities.

Since its founding, the company has advanced its technologies from generating fluorescently labeled single nucleotides to the design and manufacturing of FISH probes. To date, Cytotest has successfully developed and tested a diverse series of DNA FISH probes for molecular diagnostic applications in oncology, personalized medicine, prenatal testing, theranostics and other areas.

Cytotest pipeline includes probes for clinically validated as well as research-stage targets and custom-designed products. New products are added continually, in part derived from their internal research and development efforts but more often as a result of requests for the development of specific tests from our customers, especially in the areas of rare cancers and of companion diagnostics for novel therapeutics.

Cytotest products are prepared for both research and diagnostic purposes in the US, in China and worldwide. All of products are manufactured in accordance with relevant regulations, and are quality tested to assure they meet the highest standards. A multi-year optimization effort resulted in products with higher quality than other probes used in the industry. Moreover, Cytotest carefully follow scientific and technology advances, observe leading-edge discussions of diagnostic industry standards, certification and regulatory requirements, and stay alert for consensus shifts relevant to in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) and laboratory developed tests (LDTs).

With a multi-disciplinary team of passionate and dedicated researchers, Cytotest can carry out manufacturing at all scales and is able to offer solutions for a wide range of diagnostic testing needs, from standard probe production to flexible custom design. The Scientist of Cytotest are forming strategic collaborations to develop molecular diagnostic tests for novel and rare conditions, unfilled diagnostic niches, and for marketing in underserved regions.

The mission of CytoTest Inc. is to transform human genomic discoveries into useful products, and to design, manufacture and validate genetic and clinical diagnostics reagents with the highest quality. Their central goal is the development of state-of-the-art yet affordable molecular cytogenetics solutions. Cytotest is dedicated to providing cost-effective products, convenient customer service and reliable technical support.

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