Arcturus® Paradise® PLUS Whole Transcript Reverse Transcription Kit (WT-RT)

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Laser Microdissection and Microgenomics

Paradise Plus

Arcturus® Paradise® PLUS Whole Transcript Reverse Transcription Kit (WT-RT)

Réf. : KIT0315

The ARCTURUS® Paradise® PLUS Whole Transcript RT (WT-RT) Reagent System from Life Technologies® provides an efficient and reliable solution for purifying RNA from archived Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) tissue samples followed by reverse transcription of whole transcript for use in real-time PCR.

FFPE samples introduce unique challenges for gene expression profiling and gene expression quantitation, including chemical modification and fragmentation of RNA molecules. Storage of FFPE samples adds to these challenges through increased RNA degradation over time.

The Paradise® PLUS WT-RT Reagent System was specifically developed and specially optimized to provide high-quality RNA and robust reverse transcription (RT) from highly fragmented RNA obtained from archived FFPE samples over 20 years old (Figure 2).

Key product features:
• Simple workflow—minimal sample handling reduces chance of contamination (Figure 3)
• Efficient RNA extraction and isolation—saves time and minimizes sample loss
• Optimized RT reactions—generate cDNA representing the entire length of the transcript
• Accurate transcript analysis—results represent high, medium, and low-abundance expressing genes

Optimized RNA Extraction and Isolation from Archived FFPE Tissues
Figure 1 shows a comparison between total RNA yields using the Paradise® PLUS WT-RT Reagent System and a similar commercially available protocol. The average yield of the three replicate isolations illustrates the abundance of total RNA made available using the Paradise® PLUS WT-RT Reagent System. The Paradise® PLUS WT-RT Reagent System produces abundant total RNA for reverse transcription and subsequent qPCR analysis, up to three times more total RNA than obtained when a similar commercially available product was used for the same sample.

Superior Amplification Possible Over Wide Range of Targets
The sensitivity of the Paradise® PLUS WT-RT Reagent System was compared to similar reagent products available on the market that generate cDNA for use in real-time PCR reactions. As Figure 4 illustrates, improved Ct values were seen for all high-, medium- and low-expressing genes when the Paradise® PLUS product was used. Exon-spanning primers at varying distances from the 3’-end of the transcript (500 bp to 5 kb) were used to show increased sensitivity and improved transcription success compared to other commercially available products. The Paradise® PLUS WT-RT Reagent System successfully amplified all genes, suggesting the reagents provided in the kit are optimized to work together, saving you time and effort while producing high-quality results across the entire transcript.

Integrated Systems for Microgenomics
The Paradise® PLUS Reagent System is validated as part of ARCTURUS®' complete Systems for Microgenomics®, an integrated solution for utilizing small quantities of RNA for gene expression analysis, and features the ARCTURUSXT Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) Instrument to procure pure cell populations. ARCTURUS®' Systems for Microgenomics permit accurate and sensitive microarray assays that reveal molecular otherwise obscured in whole tissue samples or cell mixtures.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.