CapSure® HS LCM Caps

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Laser Microdissection and Microgenomics


CapSure® HS LCM Caps

Réf. : LCM0214

CapSure HS LCM Caps (Alignment Tray and Incubation Block required, not included) 32 caps – 32 ExtracSure devices


CapSure HS allows to quickly and accurately collect a pure cell population starting from a heterogeneous tissue or live cells prep using laser microdissection.

*Capture a few cells or small surfaces while preserving the integrity of the biomolecules.

*Keep the control: Visualize your starting material and captured cells at any time! The Arcturus technology preserves the integrity of the captured material.

* CapSure HS is designed for small surfaces, collect up to several hundred cells from one or several tissue slides. CapSure HS contain ridges at the bottom that keep the capture area 12 µm off the sample, allowing accurate capture and low extraction buffer volume in association with ExtracSure device.